Aeon Coworking

Aeon Coworking

Welcome to AEON Coworking, your personalised office in the centre of Yerevan. Here, you have everything you need at your disposal:

AEON anti-office is not just a space; it is a community made up of forward-thinking, innovative freelancers, coworkers and start-up professionals, giving you the opportunity not just of independent work but also of networking. We organise weekly business lectures with the leading business speakers in Armenia to encourage collaboration, cooperation and a constantly evolving community.

As an aeon co-worker, we have a variety of prices and packages available to you depending on how long you wish to use our space.


For flexible use, load your card with 10,000 drams, and enjoy our space and facilities at the discounted prices of 360 AMD an hour during the day, 600 AMD an hour in the evening.

For long term use, our packages include (per month) -

For short term use, our packages are -

Join the AEON co-working anti-office for your access to a multi-faceted space and a strong community of freelancers and professionals.